Rules You Need to Know in Japanese Restaurant

Have you experienced sitting on your favorite chair and crave for Japanese foods? Have you experienced stress, and the only thing that can give you relief is a taste of your favorite food from your most-loved Japanese restaurant? Well, we are on the same side! Japanese foods are one of the most in-demand foods today. Most people who love this food have seen videos and reviews online that lead them to taste one.

When the pandemic does not hit us, we love to visit Japanese restaurants to eat our favorite foods. We love to meet our friends and doing some chit-chats with our loved foods. Also, we love to spend time with our family in a Japanese restaurant because of the ambiance. Aside from the food, a Japanese restaurant has a unique manner and rule. They have rules and manners that you cannot find in other restaurants.

Apart from eating our favorite Japanese food from the restaurant near us, we dream of traveling and visiting the origin of the foods we love, the country of Japan. We dream of enjoying every food directly to the place where it comes from. Apart from enjoying the food, we should also follow the rules in different Japanese restaurants. The rules will include the following:

When you are in a Japanese restaurant, tipping is never required, and of course, it will be included in your bills. The Japanese restaurant will not ask your permission before serving this type of dish. It is one of the things that you must know before entering a Japanese restaurant.

In Japanese restaurants, water is free. You do not need to spend pennies to have water. Even though you will not ask for it, the restaurant will give it free for you. However, some restaurants might offer hot tea for free.

Some foods in a Japanese restaurant cost a lot compared to your expectations. You should ask for the price before ordering. You might not enjoy the food you are about to eat because of its price.

Sometimes, the Japanese order drinks first before ordering food. You can choose beer or anything you want. But it is still up to you what you want.

There is a Japanese restaurant that offers eat and drink all you can. You can eat and drink whatever you want and as much as you can. All you have to do is to pay the needed amount and enjoy your experience!

Do not feel awkward when the restaurant offers an oshibori. It is a wet towel that you will use to wipe your hands and mouth after you eat. Do not worry because you do not need to spend pennies for it; it is free.

If you are in a Japanese restaurant, you must not bring outside food. It will be impolite and might insult the owner and staff.

In tatami, you must not enter your shoes. You must place your shoes on the locker or near your seats. Also, you need to be well-oriented with the manners required in the tatami.

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